Journalistic graphic to accompany my story on how many times officers are shot at



4 thoughts on “Journalistic graphic to accompany my story on how many times officers are shot at

  1. Hi Melissa,
    Great subject for a graphic. The first thing that I noticed was that the graphic, aside from in the source list, doesn’t provide any indication of what time frame is being represented. I also think some kind of list of the types of agencies that reported – City, Sheriff’s office, State Patrol, special agents like those who work with wildlife crime, federal – it would be good to know what kind of law enforcement officers were involved and perhaps have a portion of your graphic break that down. The racial breakdown is interesting, but would be a more valuable statistic if it was broken down by the percentage of total officers who are of each ethnicity.


  2. I also find that the pink on black is a bit garish, but hey, I didn’t spend much of my life in Florida…grin. And I see that the citizen statistic doesn’t agree between the two blocks on the right. Can you explain the discrepancy? On closer reading I see the racial breakdown is of citizens involved in the shooting, but knowing the percentage of the population that each ethnicity makes up and representing that somehow would still make the stats more useful. And some of the pie chart’s categories could be explained more fully. Wouldn’t a shot fired at an officer be an imminent threat? That could be cleared up with a parenthetical under “imminent threat” that said (excluding shots fired at officer).


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