The Boulder County morgue, not a place you want to end up, but a place you should tour

Here is the Boulder County morgue tour, hosted by Emma Hall!

Click the link to watch the video: Boulder Co morgue tour

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Transcript: video of Emma Hall and the morgue tour

EH: Boulder County Coroner Emma Hall

IN: Instrumental music, Into the Woods, Purple Planet Music

 EH: In my line of work, every day is a challenge but ultimately it’s always about the families. I’m Emma Hall, I’m the Boulder County Coroner.

EH: We moved into this new facility here ah in 2015. Ah we have a lot of equipment in this room one of things that we’ve really been able to bring into this facility is some safety equipment. Um these three straps behind me what those are is a lift for body. So we’re not having to move the body completely on our own. We have a forklift, we can bring the body in on the forklift, and then we can transfer it to a strap and take it to either table. So it is a huge, huge, improvement for us in Boulder County.

EH: So here we are in the investigator room (employee talking the background) we actually have six full time investigators in Boulder County so they all work out of this one room. And we also have extra room for reserves or interns. If we were to have a mass fatality we are going to actually have a lot more people in the office than typically work.

EH: So this is the family room, you can see it’s sort of a multipurpose room. We do have a small meeting area in here. Like I said, sometimes we need to ah interview the families when they come. So this gives us a little bit more relaxed environment for um them to be able to do that and feel comfortable in. We do have a TV monitor up here this room also serves as a viewing area for law enforcement or some of our partners for viewing autopsies. So someone could be in here viewing the autopsy as it’s happening they could be speaking with the Doctor, the Doctor would wear a headset, and we have a um conference telephone set up in this room, so there could be communication back and forth. And it’s a great addition for our facility here in Boulder County.

IN: Into the Woods, Purple Planet Music


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