The STP Family: Sagittarius, Tranquility (?), and Yes, Persistence

Good read. Apparently a former member of STP has been arrested in connection with the bomb left outside of the Nederland police dept.

Caelum Et Terra

stp_2 STP brothers, Boulder, c 1971

When I was young, in the 70s, I spent a good deal of time on the road, sticking out my thumb, heading for adventure. The summer of 1972 was pivotal for me personally, a reckoning that came when my naive countercultural wave crashed on the rocks of human nature. That is a long story, and I wrote about it a bit a few years ago, of the draft hanging over me that summer (my lottery number was 5), of many adventures and characters encountered, of contracting salmonella at Earth People’s Park in Vermont, of hitching to the first Rainbow Family of Living Light festival in Colorado, where I had a relapse, of my disillusionment with the counterculture of the time.

But I have never written about, and seldom thought about, the STP Family.

The STP Family was a rough tribe of street hippies that seemed…

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