Voodoo Hair Lounge, a cut above the rest

         The Voodoo Hair Lounge located at 2100 Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. Photo Credits: Melissa Linn


Attention Molt & Quiller’s!

Mitch Utterback and I are at it again with another fun media technology boot camp assignment at the Voodoo Hair Lounge.

The class objective: to audio record our journey while completing a task, and to create a two minute audio story out of the experience.
The task: Mitch needs a haircut!
Where our journey take us: to the Voodoo Hair Lounge in Boulder, Colorado

Please listen: http://bit.ly/2diEymr.

Producers: Melissa Linn and Mitch Utterback
A special thanks to Elle who cut and styled Mitch’s hair- she’s the real deal; and to Jessie for letting us run around his salon and tell their story and our story! ❤



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