The Sounds of CU

Audio prompts assignment: Melissa Linn Mitch Utterback

Grab some headphones and take a listen to our one minute sounds of CU assignment for multimedia boot camp.

The sounds in our clip are heard in this order:

  • Disk ejecting-electronic
  • Paper
  • Ringing
  • Steps
  • Microwave-something starting
  • Microwave Beep- something ending
  • Spray bottle and wiping-cleaning
  • Crow-animal
  • Car passing by-transportation
  • Heavy breathing-something ominous
  • Water
  • People cursing in five languages- Polish, Croatian, Russian, Spanish, Italian
  • Singing
  • Truck backing up- work
  • Mickey Mouse debit card- something interesting in a backpack
  • Treadmill- workout
  • Bike spokes-play
  • Whisper
  • Sander- something being built
  • Planned Parenthood- greeting
  • Nessa the dog- breathing
  • Laughing
  • Glass- two bottles
  • Surprise
  • Wood- knock on a wooden door
  • Scream
  • Silence-CU stadium, indoors

Here are the sound prompts we did not get: 1.)Something fast 2.) Something slow 3.) Snap, Crackle, Pop 4.) Something being taken apart 5.) a crowd 6.) A time keeper


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