Banshee Tree kicks off 18th Annual Boulder Creek Fest

Banshee Tree

Kalyn Pembridge and Jason Bertone of Banshee Tree conduct a sound check before the bands performance on Saturday, at the 18th Annual Boulder Creek Fest in Central Park. The band is self-described as, “Swing/Blues/Experimental” and creates their unique sound by incorporating the washboard and the kazoo into their music.

The 18th Annual Boulder Creek Festival is a way locals can enjoy their last days of summer while browsing the festival’s arts and crafts exhibits, food court, beer garden, and kid-friendly activities the festival offers.

The festival is free to the public, and is going on until September 5.

Tickets are available online at:!boulder-creek-hometown-festival/udaxw.

Arrived at event: 11:40 am-Departed the event: 1245 pm-

Started work on post: 7:35 pm-Published: 8:53 pm.


One thought on “Banshee Tree kicks off 18th Annual Boulder Creek Fest

  1. Hi Melissa! First, I love the colors in this photo–the sunlight and the bright red instruments are attractive and make me feel happy. The colors and light produce a positive, aesthetically pleasing tone that is very appropriate for the event that you’re coving–an outdoor music festival. In your caption, you had mentioned that said event is good for enjoying the last days of summer, and I think your photo picks up that “summer day” vibe pretty well. I also like that it’s sort of a calm action shot, with the two people on stage in middle of a soundcheck, and that the instruments that make the band unique (the washboard and kazoo) are visible in the photo. I also like the look on Jason’s face–calm, concentrated? I can’t put my finger on it. I feel that this would be appropriate either as a stand-alone photo/caption promoting the band/event on social media, or part of a story/ package. Good job!


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